World AIDS Campaign Day

Aris Puts A Ribbon On It this World AIDS Day

This year the National AIDS Trust are asking people to show solidarity with the 100,000 people living with HIV in the UK – and the 34 million world-wide – by wearing the universal symbol of HIV awareness, the red ribbon. We want you to get creative – put it on landmarks, people, clothes, buildings, food. There is nowhere the red ribbon cannot go!

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Announcing the debut of Aris Sobotis VEVO channel!

“My you” is now creating new channels of communication with its fans. We’re thrilled to announce the debut of Aris Sobotis VEVO channel! We’re kicking off the channel showcasing his latest video, “My You.”
VEVO, is the largest music video network that brings videos from the biggest names of the world of music straight to your fingertips. It’s an exclusive club that attracts millions of viewers a day, and we’re honored to be featured VEVO artists.

Text You. Send “My You” a message and be part of the music video!

Be the copywriter for “My You” music video!

My You is more than a song it’s an idea and a global community. Write a short script of one line, sharing the story of your own “My You”, as if you’re writing a text message to someone who is “My You” to you, even yourself.

The message that will be chosen will appear in the last scene of “My You” music video.
To me, You are the real message of “My You”!