Band :
Title : My You
Release Date : December 19, 2013
Label :
Format : Digital Download

Me, Myself and I, or simply “My You”? A song you’re going to simply identify with or simply love like yourself. Because “My You” is more than a beat. It’s the Beat generation that comes back to life, through a mind adventure in pursuit of one’s personal identity; an alter ego or the real me –only the film ending will signify– through personal lost or won battles of endless passion to the end of time.

Aris Sobotis Electroartist-Visualizer seems to share this, and in a constant live adventure, resembling a “celluloid” film-like trip, he follows his quest followed by his fans –other “warriors of the light”. Rebels with a cause, beating against a world where they no longer see themselves. Rebels of the originality and the real thing, in a personal universe where nothing seems to change or advance.

Only in this case, the genuine electronic sound meets with the future and even visualizes it, as if looking back to the future though, where the beginnings of Beat and Rock generation mingle –surprise surprise– with American literature. And while Jack Kerouac blinks from the next corner, in an unexpected mix with Natasha Manitsa’s inspired lyrics, Aris Sobotis Electroartist is staging and directing a musical and theatrical landscape, with an ambient note and an overtone of the fifties. And oddly enough, this musical event-like landscape in the dark or the light side of our souls, does have a name, a sound and an image.

Maybe, just maybe, it all lies in Aris Sobotis’ English literature studies of a bygone time, and his time and expertise on theatre stages of the world. A traveling through the world of images, like the slow traveling of a camera from classic rock to the very depths of ourselves and back to the future, only to land –unexpectedly  enough- on the New Age Electronic Rock and the “British” stage of the World.